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Jan 30, 2013

Thank you so much for writing The GOD Delusion, It was so nice to read a book that expresses the way I feel about religions. (not as in depth as you go but as a whole) My conversion actually started when I was about six years old and was in Sunday school. The teacher (or brainwasher) told us the story of Noah's Ark. Well at six this was a very scary story to be told was true about the world, later that day I was thinking how in the world could this be so, even at six I knew there were billions of animals on the planet, so the next week I asked where did they keep all the food for all those animals on the Ark, the teacher said God helped feed the animals and commanded them to come to the Ark in pairs before the great flood. After class that day she told me not to question the Bible that it was true, all of it! Well not me, I guess I was lucky in thinking critically at such a young age, after that I began reading the other stories of the Bible,(most I didn't understand until I was older) and they all brought up questions. My teacher pulled me aside during class and told me to stop asking questions the only answer I needed was God controls everything and to have faith in him. Well I went home and prayed and prayed, NOTHING! never any signs, no anything. So the older I have gotten the more research I did, everything kind of fell in place with science, I was so excited the day I finally had my Atheist Epiphany that there was no God,no heaven and mostly no hell! Whew!!! I felt like a ten ton boulder was lifted off me, I went and talked to family and friends with mixed responses some just said they would pray that I would regain my faith and others actually told me to be quiet and not to talk about such things to them, how dare I question God and their faith in him. I love the quote by Mark Twain “Faith is believing what you know aint so!” Anyway that is a short version of how I became an Atheist. Thank you again for your wonderful book and I will be watching to see if you ever come near Tennessee so I may thank you in person and shake your hand. BRAVO!!!!!!

Steve Meyer

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