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Jan 30, 2013

I'm an IRANIAN who live for 24 years in an Islamic environment and yet a Non-believer! Now it's been a year that i left the country and live in Germany as a Ms. student and feel free and Safe! to say That:
I -always suspicious but anyhow a prayer- was about 16 when i take my sword out and killed my God. Science and Doubt were and are the basics of these freedom that i'v felt since .
More important that taking the colored-glasses out , is to understand the importance of the Shine of the Reality ( prefer to not use the word “Truth”) and to Learn how to be aware and take all kind of Dogmatic-glasses of!

best regards to :

Friedrich Nietzsche ——-who fueled my doubt with his “Genealogy of morals”

Julian Janes———who invited me to the mysterious Brain , Consciousness and its history with his book “The Origin of Consciousness in the Breakdown of the Bicameral Mind” (which i strongly suggest it to Prof. Dawkins) and wove the Gap between what evolution describes and what we feel in ourselves as “I” , “ME” “Mind” , “soul” etc.

Ludwig Wittgenstein——– who showed me the power of “language” and confirmed Janes's theory of ; it is all about “language” ! and “language games”

Richard Dawkins………… who -beside teaching me the basics of evoloution in the simplest way possible- give me the Gut to come out of neutrality and eliminate and disrespect the “who who is not” , “Lord” , “Allah” , “the mystroius energy somewhere there” and…

Best Regards

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