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Jan 30, 2013

Dear Dr Dawkins.

I myself am a convert, but in a much different manner to ‘de-converts’. I was raised with choice. My father was Christian, but had long time problems with organised religion, and was actually raised catholic but renounced his own Catholicism. My mother is 5th generation atheist. On my mother’s side we have an incredible amount of intellectuals. 23 out of 27 of my cousins are university trained, be it engineering, science, maths, biology, psychology, medicine etc. My grandmother had high school education and her 6 brothers are all engineers. Anecdotally, it would appear that education is death to religion.

As I said above, I was raised with a choice. I attended religious until I was about 10, at which point my critical thinking kicked in and I put God in the same basket as the tooth fairy. You may ask then, how did your book convert a atheist. The chance in me is the ‘tolerance’ of religion. I’ve always felt that religion (any) should be free to exist in a live and let live type approach. As long as they aren’t interfering with me, why argue. I used to think of religion almost as a ‘handicap’, you don’t make fun of or draw attention to, say, a person in a wheelchair, and you don’t do it to the religious.

This is what you’ve changed in me. I no longer sit idly by and let the religious do their thing. I now consider religion to be a abusive tyranny that is doing real world harm physically and emotionally, and I no longer am quiet about it. One of the things I do is play online games, in particular MMOs. Part of the enjoyment of MMOs is the socializing part of the game. Within these environs, I’ve caused many an argument with the religious, and converted one ‘spiritual’ person to atheism, and forced the sale of at least 3 copies of The God Delusion. Further, my girlfriend and I have started an atheist club at our university. Our club stands opposite the Christian club on Tuesdays and Fridays and ‘preaches’ critical thinking, science, and “non belief of non evidence” (my GF thought that slogan up).

Now that Expelled is polluting our cinemas, I think more than ever us atheists need to stop being silent, stand up and scream at the religious to stop being so bloody stupid. Time has come to put “God” with Zeus and call it a fairy tale.


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