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Jan 30, 2013


I’m a 28 year old guy from Australia – unlike other converts, I wasn’t actually raised into a religious environment. My parents attended religious schools, as was the norm back in those days, but they selected to send their children to secular, public schools. I appreciate their decision, and I feel it was the right choice.

Whilst I wasn’t indoctrinated into any religion, it wasn’t until I learnt more about science, and in particular, the scientific method; that I seriously began to form an attitude towards religion itself.

I wish to thank Richard Dawkins for helping “raise my consciousness” to many issues pertaining to religion; specifically the issue of indoctrination of young children at an impressionable stage of life; the worrying on-going issues in regards to Church/State separation; and of course, the incredible and entirely unwarranted respect that religious beliefs have been accorded.

As an aside, the BBC documentary “The Planets” was, for me, an excellent introduction into the minds of scientists – passionate, creative and every bit as human and flawed as the rest of us, and yet the documentary showed how the scientific method could humble us – and steer us clear of unjustified “leaps of faith”.

If I was to give an example of the power of the scientific method to help overcome human nature, it would be the 1970’s NASA Viking mission to Mars – many scientists would LOVE to have found proof positive of life on Mars during that mission, and despite some early results suggesting that may have been the case, the evidence was carefully weighed and Occam’s Razor kicked in.

Science is a truly humbling and noble quest, and thank you to Richard Dawkins and all others to help communicate to myself as a lay person its qualities.


Daniel V

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