Converts, Wed, Jan 30 2013 #(885)

Jan 30, 2013

Hello Dawkins,

It wasn’t really a conversion. It was more like just accepting that it’s ok not to believe and that it is not abnormal to be agnostic. Then becoming comfortable telling others. Now that I review those last three sentences, perhaps it was a conversion.

A combination of seeing Hitchens on Dennis Miller Live a few years back, reading “The Selfish Gene”, and Shermer’s book “Why Darwin Matters” helped me solidify my agnostic non-theist, non-supernatural belief system and become comfortable with it. Science has always seemed like the best way to learn about the world and the universe. Empirical observation always seemed like the best way to make major, medium, and minor life decisions. I was never comfortable talking about it however.

It’s always felt rather odd to me that I get such a connected feeling when I read about science, skepticism, astronomy, psychology, anthropology, biology, atheism etc…. It is the same feeling, I think, that others seem to get from church and religion. I don’t care for the term ‘spiritual’ but I believe that is what it may be or as close as I will ever get.

I’m very grateful to you, Hitchens, Shermer, Adams, Harris, Dennett, and McGowan. I must also thank Nova, Horizon, the BBC, and all of the men that came before us who spoke of what they observed even when there was great danger in doing so. I’m mindful of them and grateful for them often.

I’m also very glad I’m not alone! J



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