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Jan 30, 2013

Dear Mr Dawkins

I have read all of your books which to this day remain on my bookshelf. I must sincerely thank you for encouraging my belief. The evidence of your fear/revulsion for others who have a system of beliefs that is different from your own caused me to question why that should be so. Furthermore when the all the woes of society past and present are laid firmly at the door of those with those beliefs, (a fact in which any literate or cognitive individual could refute) your argument again dwindled. Regardless of belief systems or lack of them my experience of life clearly shows that man himself is responsible for his own woes. If they wish to lay the blame for their wrong doings at the door of God, allah, satan or mere lack of enlightenment so be it. As for myself I believe I am singularly responsible for my own actions for good or evil, the material point is to whom am I answerable. Why this belief should cause you any angst leaves me rather bemused. I have no objection to your beliefs it is for each individual to own and follow their heart or instinct. I have no resentment to level at you and no desire to justify or defend the existence of God to you I am perfectly at peace with our separate choices. I am sorry if your desired outcome to convert me to atheism has provoked the opposite effect and offends you in anyway, it is simply the truth of the matter and if I am to believe your spoken sentiments it is the truth you earnestly desire. Therefore I sincerely declare myself now deeply converted to my belief and fully expect to see my testimony of conversion in converts corner.

Yours Truly



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