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Jan 30, 2013

Dr. Dawkins,

I have recently become an atheist and while I don't go around screaming it to the world, I sometimes feel the urge to do so. I was raised Roman Catholic from a young age in South Florida and was, as well as I still am, delighted by the fact that my mother encouraged me to read as much as I possibly could, for more than religion, she brought me up under the ideal that the most important thing she could leave me was knowledge. Having finished reading your book, THE GOD DELUSION, I felt that many previous feelings I had about religion were simply questions that arose under rational conclusions, that were quieted by my more clouded mind.
This led to various instances where both opinions and reasons would clash and I would invariably be confused to the point of some mental pain. That is no more, I am happy to say. While it is slightly difficult to transition so quickly, when I feel instances of regret of “forsaking myself to hell” or “renouncing God”, I just walk outside and look at the trees, at the buildings, at the stars at night, and know that this is one life I'm going to enjoy for the sake of knowing what makes it what it is, which is why I decided to become a Physicist from a young age. Your book has given me more power to my reason and I see it increasing even more everyday. Thank you.

Cheers from an aspiring Physicist,

Karl Jaehnig
University of Florida

PS: I am very lucky to have a mother who is very rational, that when I told her about my de-conversion', told me that it was my decision and that she still loved me and had a duty to me as my mother.

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