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Jan 30, 2013


“The God Delusion” was the trigger for me to give religion the flick, although must admit I was a bit nervous and had to take a deep breath when I opened the cover so I suppose – deep down – I already knew what was coming! I experienced all of the common arguments addressed in the book including the insulting “how will you have any morals?” and I was glad to have paced them out with Richard in advance!

I live in Sydney and de-converted from Christianity just in time to participate in an atheist protest at the Sydney World (Catholic) Youth Day, to which my government has just contributed an enormous sum of money as well as shocking laws designed to prevent free speech. As an aside, and fortunately, the Federal Court of Australia struck down the worst of these powers yesterday (the state’s banning of “annoying” activities near pilgrims, including distribution of condoms etc) – so there is still hope for the separation of church and state.

I commend the RDI strategy of providing materials and comment which provide the final trigger for weakly-bonded religious types (like me) to think straight. Trying to convert the deeply faithful is a waste of precious energy when – especially in Australia it is likely that most of the people who associate with religion will be able to come to their senses if we can get enough momentum and critical mass. I truly think we could get 80-90% of the job done over here within a generation or two.

Anyway, as a result of reading the God Delusion and then watching the 4 Horsemen I have discovered a new love of science and nature which I intend to pass on to my kids. I have also taken them out of scripture class at school. They get to make up their own minds later – but I intend to help them with their critical thinking capacity first!

So, my sincere, personal thanks go to Richard and others on the RD site.

Yours faithfully (no pun intended!)

Matt Young, Sydney, Australia


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