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Jan 30, 2013

Dear Richard,

I wanted to email you and thank you for your book The God Delusion.

Ever since childhood (I am now 39), I have believed in God. My parents, although not church goers, did believe in God, and never discouraged me from searching a variety of religions.

A few years ago I became a Christian and started attending my local Methodist Church. For a long time I had no problem with God or what my church did. But in the last few months I became more and more uneasy with the church in general and with their stance on many issues.

One morning a few weeks ago I woke up and said to myself, “What the hell am I doing!” It was at that point that I decided to leave the church and stop believing in God. At this point I must stress, I wasn't a confirmed atheist. However, I found your website, and one called, and began asking questions. Everyone recommended your book and so I bought a copy.

I can now confirm that I am a confirmed atheist! Your argument is clear, easy to understand and very well researched. Your book is also very funny in places! I will recommend it to others, too.

Thank you once again for helping me to see the illogic of believing in some imaginery being, and basing my entire life on that fiction.

Yours sincerely,

John Turner

United Kingdom.


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