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Jan 30, 2013


I have been an atheist for about 6 months and just now I heard of this “converts' corner” and I thought that I might subscribe, after all I own a lot to professor Dawkins from “enlightening” me, but to be fair to the other great atheists like Cristopher Hitchens and Micheal Shermer and also for many “internet atheists” like Pat Condell, The Amayzing Atheist, Thunderf00t, etc I must thank you as a group, but still I'ld promote Richard as the “leader” for beeing the most, how would i say it, Best 🙂 . I must also credit Penn (and Teller) for Igniteing the spark of Atheism, wich was waiting like a gallon of gasoline beeing tipped over into a pile of dry hay. They have a rather humorous (and convincing) way of saying that religion suxs. After getting interested in the subject I spend a lot time reading articles and watching debates and news reports about atheism. Then (just recently) I advanced to the book level. I read All Richards books found in my local libryary (transleted in Finnish) they were: Blind Watchmaker, River Out of Eden and the God delusion (Blasted! they didin't have “The Selfish Gene” so I kinda missed the meme part.). Now I'am waiting for the “God is not Great” to be translated into Finnish.
I have been very “loud” of my atheism and everyone close to me knows how passionate I'm about. I have “debated” a few persons, who I totally oblitirated, but other than that I've Hadn't had any other “Conflicts” with anyone. I would like to go on but my text is already too long. Oh i forgot to mention my age, wich is 16. And also as I'm from Finland I ain't too good in English, so pardon me from my misspelliings.

Thanks for reading and god bless Atheism!

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