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Jan 30, 2013

Dear professor,

I have read “The God Delusion” twice and thoroughly enjoyed the lucidity of your arguments. I quickly recognized myself in the early chapters as a long time agnostic due to intellectual laziness. What a relief to get my head straightened out!

I read the book on a transatlantic voyage in my 31' sailboat. Now there is an old saw that says there are no atheists in a gale in a small boat. Luckily I have not been able to test this theory yet but there is still the return journey to the UK.

The tv program was informative and entertaining but I felt a little guilty at laughing at the blonde christian lady with the staring eyes. I suspect that there was ” no one at home “.

Thanks for a wonderful book and tv series. Perhaps I will have the courage to wear one of your T shirts when I return to america for the return trip.


Lawrie Brownlee

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