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Jan 30, 2013

Dear Professor Dawkins,
From childhood I have been brought up in a catholic family. I went to a catholic school which specialised in the sciences as A-level choices. In the end I chose physics chemistry and biology as my 3 main A-levels. From these I learned the importance of evidence based reason and began to find science and religion incompatible as did a surprising number of my friends with a similar science background in this catholic school. We would debate with our friends who learned religious studies and in the end it always came down to evidence or for me their lack of it. It was around this time I read 'The God Delusion' and it is through this that I finally was able to come out of the closet and call myself an atheist and realise that you don't need a god for morality, love, creation or anything else. I found life, the universe and absolutely everything is all the more facinating and brilliant because of it. Since reading the book I have read a number of your older books with 'The Selfish Gene' being my favourite.
In September I go to university to read pharmacy and (hopefully) understand more about the us as a living, breathing organisms and how we function.
Thank you for giving me the the push I needed to think for myself.

Patrick, Northern Ireland

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