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Jan 30, 2013

Hello Professor Dawkins,

I'm a 28 year old who grew up in the Caribbean and New York.I visited an all boys CatholicElementary and Junior High School before going on to public High School.My family are devoted Catholics but some how I always felt uneasy and different especially during Easter and October.As you know devot Catholics say the rosary the entire month.And I hated the ritual since I was 7 years.We said the rosary everyday in this month and I hated it.With 18years I left the church and changed my religion.I joined the messianic movement of judaism and felt at the moment very comfortable with the religion.I was very very religious at the time.After a few years I left the messianic movement and started practising Judaism.I converted to reform Judaism and I changed my name entirely.In 2003 I met my wife and I moved to Germany where we became members of a reform jewish community.At that time I started questioning organised religion. I'm one of those people who are sitting on the fence like you say in many Interviews.I am reading your book right now in German(Der Gotteswahn) and it has been a great entlightenment for me.I will definately read this book to the end and more of your books for sure.I could see it now that I'm definately going to become an Atheist.The journey was hard and long with alot of set backs and changes but I know where I truly belong and thats not in religion.

Thanks for the change.



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