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Jan 30, 2013

Mr. Dawkins and Mrs. Cook:

I'd like to share my experience as a coverted person during the process of reading your book “The God Delusion”. My name is Mauricio González, I am 21 and I'm from Temuco, a small city of Chile, and during my life I have had doubts about the purpose of my life. I looked for answers in churches, asociations, web sites pages and friends. My first doubt that helped me to wake up from the ilusion of Heavens after life was when I read a book called “La puta de Babilonia” or “The Whorse of Babilon” (I'm not sure about the translation of that word from the Spanish) of Fernando Vallejo, a book which proves the fake of the Catholic church with the character called Jesus.

I was esceptic of the issue until I watched your video in YouTube and I read your book!! (I'm reading it!! :D) I didn't consider the Evolutionism till I watched the video “Why are we here?”. I am studying the evolutionism now and I 'm impressed of the explanation of the human process.

I found out some arguments against the Evolutionism in order to be sure of some fake ppresent too. However, every single explanation was based on the Bible. I got convinced of tth Evolution till nowadays.
I'm agnostic now; but it is not because of the “posible” proofs of the existancy of a god in the same position of the proofs of his not-existancy. It is because I wanted to read more books and comments abput science in order to get convinced in my own way. But I have some tendency to the atheism!! I like the arguments, they are too solid, but I continue esceptic because of what I have told you.

My family is Christian, and they don't recognize the lack of proofs because they say that the faith is required to believe in god. But the faith must be supported with proofs!! Of course!!
OK. I'd like to have an answer from Mrs. Dawkins in order to kinow that he consider people from Southamerica, especially Chile!! And to Mrs. Cook, I wanted to shared my experience in order to be listened, because the Catholic church has its influence in Chile, and for this reason I cannot share my opinion in an asociation!!

I look forward to seeing you in Chile, showing your book!!


Mauricio González

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