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Jan 30, 2013

Dear all of the team,

from my earliest childhood on I was trained by my Mum to beleave in a loving and caring god. At 5 years of age I had a “open vision” and “saw” Jesus on the cross, forgiving my sins (the hours befor I visited an Easter Service at church, just playing around the seats).

From that time on I was absolutely convinced about:
– God exists
– he loves me
– Jesus died on the cross

And from the age of 17 on I started my religious race. And ended up divorced of a pastor of one of the larger charismatic churches in Germany near Munich.
Up to this time there was no way, to help me understand. I was so stubborn and insisted because of my personal experience – no help.

After the divorce I learned: God doesn't keep his promises. He leads and guides in a way that destroyes my life – and the life of my three children, too. Something must be wrong over here. I got psychotherapy and realized more and more the destructive construct of religion in my life. And got rid of it.

This was a harmfull and hurting process over about three years. Most hurting was the way, the church member treated me, when I dared to remarry. Hell can't be more cruel.

Springtime this year I read “The God Delusion” – german version. And couldn't help but agree. This book was the last step in a long road of finding the right way – and now I can truly and openly say: I fear no hell, I fear no man. I fear no god – for there is no god, is no hell – and no man has the power to bring me down again.

In the consequence I lost my mother, lost my so much loved sister and her family (they all are still fundamental christians). They no longer stay on my side, they departed and let me know about it.

I am fullfilled and happy as never before. My life got clear, my eyes widened and my mind is active and sound. I didn't switch over into a cold-hearted and mercyless way of life: just the opposite. I got straightened and this book helped me to understand a lot about the wrong way, I went. I am so thankfull for all the people, that stay strong and say the truth! I am thankfull that they do not waver and fight for the truth. Without harming but in truth. Thank you so much!!!

Sincerely yours

Heike Tischler

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