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Jan 30, 2013

Sorry for the wall of text blow i did not realise all i was writing till it was finished Picture (Metafile)

Hello and I suppose I will say a little bit about me.
I work in IT/Computing but have always had an interest in religion/evolution and I suppose for a long time have been searching my self for some kind of answer.

I was brought up in a religious family Christian to be precise and also a touch on
Catholism in some places.

I am 30 years old and have always been interested in why we are here and how we got here.

For a long time I think I was not really sure where to start and how to go about it and this questions and thoughts haunted me a bit and I tried to do some searching by reading the holy bible again (was in Sunday school and boys brigade for years as a child and even won a black leather clad holy bible with my initials on it for biblical knowledge).

I also read the book of latter day saints and the book of Jehovah and also looked into the Koran but none of these I felt were special and if anything was blasphemy towards the real bible.

So at the age of 27 of I went to a couple of Christian churches first the Church of Scotland because my old reverent as a child and boys brigade was the minister then I went to the local Baptist church which was actually pretty fun so I stayed for about a year and a half.

All through all of this "searching" my fiancée and mother of my son was and is and always classed herself as an atheist.

She always believed in evolution and the big bang theory which as you can imagine let for some healthy debates hahahaha.

Anyways I sat and watched a programme on Darwin which had one Richard Dawkins on it. I was absolutely captivated and thought he spoke and explained things amazingly well so I went on-line and looked up a bit about him and of course my partner was already talking about him for months so after I done some research on line and thought maybe I was being blinded by the slightly religious back ground I started to read up on the big bang theory and evolution with help from my fiancée.

The misses bought a copy of the god delusion which I haven’t managed to read as she is still reading it but I read the intro and cant wait so I got a couple of other books.

A Letter to a Christian Nation by Sam Harris which I have finished, the legendary A Brief History of Time by Stephen Hawking which I have also finished and the book I am about half the way through just now God is Not Great by Christopher Hitchens which I am enjoying immensely and finding it rather eye opening.

I genuinely believe i could not see the truth for searching hahahaha

Anyways I now call myself an Atheist too or just a non-believer and I believe in the big bang theory and evolution and struggle to understand now why so many people in the world can be blind but used to call myself a christian and was looking to be baptized.


Alex Giles

Ps I have also applied for the richard dawkins foundation so I can do my bit as I don’t want my children 2 and 7 years old to grow up as dillusional as I did.


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