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Jan 30, 2013

Dear Richard,

Thanks for the opportunity to share my story.

In brief:
I was brought up to believe as a Methodist and was expected to 'go into the church' however questions started whilst at university when I read theology and was introduced to the thoughts of Don Cupitt and Richard Holloway – this lead to a gradual but slow realisation that I was loosing my old steadfast faith and understanding faith as something other, and any existential deity was iron age myth.

However, I was in denial for a few years and dare not articulate my feelings, I even preached a few sermons, and considered a vocation in the church as I did not know what else I was qualified to do.

It was also through the reading of Dawkins – Harris – Hitchins – and Dennett that I began to see myself as an agnostic and felt I could no longer say the creeds in church with any sincerity.

Currently I still attend church – more to show allegiance to my 'tribe' as much as anything else and perhaps because I/we are pattern making creatures!

Currently I'm a member of the Sea of Faith movement that actively promotes religion as a human creation, the process is still painful and I have not told everyone of my agnosticism because of the reaction I may get, but I have been supported by the Sea of Faith and through the reading of Dawkins.

Basically; Evolution is logical / the scriptures can not be trusted / religion is of courses determined geographically / the religious right scares me!! and should everyone / I'm passionately opposed the faith schools.

All this over the last few years but it's only been the last few months I've felt confident to confide in a few people, how ridiculous – that's due to being inculcated with 'faith' as a child.

Best Regards to anyone still struggling as I am.

Simon Mapp

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