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Jan 30, 2013

Mr. Dawkins,
I do not know if I can express in words the freedom I felt after reading The God Delusion. I was raised outside of Memphis, TN, USA as a “baptist child” and I was forced to go to church with my grandmother (however, my mother and father never attended church) every Sunday morning. Our family had our own row, and it was the very back one (this is not the joke it should be). I also feel it is important to add that I am bisexual, as well as a recovering drug addict. These facts can be a deadly mix, however I am currently living in chem-free apartments owned by a drug treatment center. This was my third trip through drug rehab, and this time, I was determined to do whatever it took to kick my habits, so I tried to “reconnect” with my “higher power”. Drug rehabs have, and continue to populate churches with their “converts” however, this is the first time I got clean and was still doubting the whole god thing, although I would feel literal terror at the thought of no god, fearing I was sealing my fate in hell just by that one thought alone. I am an avid reader, so i happen to come across your book (which is a major feat considering I live in Searcy, AR, which I have named The Buckle of the (American) Bible Belt) and it has changed my life. The God Delusion expressed to me what I was really feeling deep down, but was always afraid to put into words, while at the same time showing me how comical religious belief would be if it were not so sad. I am now a loud and proud atheist (with the exception of my family, I have only told my mom, who probably told my dad, but no one else because of the uproar it would have caused). THANK YOU!

Chris West

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