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Jan 30, 2013

I am just finishing reading The God Delusion, and I must say that it has given me such consolation and has given me reason for my lack of belief in a supreme being. When Mr. Dawkins talks about consolation, and that it doesn't necessarily (or preferably) come from a delusional belief in a god or the afterlife, it caused me to realize that this very book, explaining the rational explanation of religion, its destructiveness, and its irrationality, has itself given me great consolation and a sense of liberation. I became a “born-again” charismatic christian in 1974 following the death of my mother. By 1983 I lost my faith and the “feeling” of the presence of god. It has taken 25 years to finally shake off any clinging to that religion (mostly out of fear of hellfire) and realize that I am a non-believer, probably at level 6 of Dawkin's 7-point scale of atheism, believing that the existence of the supernatural is highly, highly unlikely. Thank you Mr. Dawkins for a thesis that is laid out in such an easy-to-understand manner, filled with humor and wit along the way. Your writings are invaluable in showing us that reason can and should triumph over superstition, fear, and childhood (and adult) indoctrination. You are performing a great service in the evolution of humankind.

Jeff St. Clair
Tucson, Arizona, USA

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