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Jan 30, 2013


For the past five years, I've taken my faith in God and Christianity and smashed them to pieces. I was confident that a bit of faith, revelation, and self education would bring the pieces together to form a Christianity that I could call my own. I began learning about different sects of Christianity, and moved into more spiritualistic faiths, and then into eastern religions. And finally, I picked up “The God Delusion” and found a humor and a life in it similar to the late George Carlin's comedy. I realized the only thing I was born into being was human. My Christianity was a mask that was involuntarily placed on me at such a young age….I grew to forget that it was just a mask. Questioning Christianity felt like questioning the color of my eyes. But once I pryed off the mask, and dealt with the withdrawl symptoms of Christianity, I felt just as happy as I ever had. I would encourage others to at least view their religion from a different perspective. Ask yourself, “Do I need this to be good?”

But I have learned valuable lessons from the teachings of Jesus in Christianity,as well as lessons of mindfullness and lovingkindness in Buddhism, and many other lessons from the many religions. I no longer feel comfortable claiming a faith and proclaiming it “the best”. Although I would rather consider myself a humanist than an Atheist, I can happily admit that there is no personal god in the sky. I can divert my attention to the serving of Nature and Life.

May you continue to find joy in the exploration of nature.


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