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Jan 30, 2013

Richard –

Raised a Catholic, I went to parochial school through third grade and church every Sunday. Never really did understand the message, however – always found myself on the naughty stool in the back of the class or fidgeting restlessly through a mass. Sure, the nuns scared the bejesus out of me with talk of sin and hell (I still remember the black and white drawings of devils in the fiery underworld in one book), but I suppose I was just thick-headed about the whole thing – it just didn't make sense. I guess I just wasn't born a true Catholic.

Though I was a humanities major in college and grad school, I've always had a keen interest in good science writing. While in my 20s, I read “Selfish Genes, Selfish Memes” in The Mind's I – talk about a revelation! Though that anthology had many excellent essays and stories, yours stood out as creating a major shift in my thinking and understanding. Since then, I've read The Selfish Gene, and numerous other books on science, cognition, and consciousness. All this freed me of the latent superstitions of youth, so I have to say, thank you.


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