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Jan 30, 2013

Dear Prof. Dawkins,

The purpose of my writing is to thank you Sir; whole hardly, for the work that you have done and continue to do for the noble and vital cause for which you have dedicated your life – helping people free their minds from the slavery of religion. I am one of those whom you have impacted greatly. I went to a christian school, went through confirmation classes, was married in the church and as a teenage mother I had each of my four children baptized; faithfully attending church every Sunday and tithing.

I began the questioning phase at around age 20, went through what I call my personal investigation of both sides on and off for almost 5 years; and now at 25 – as a rather "new" atheist; I am proud to say that I am content with the truth, and happy to have found it. My questions were not influenced by any extraordinary intellectualism on my part, I have a modest education. Not by any friend, family member, teacher or mentor; everyone I know is christian. My questions flowed from my knowledge and discontent of my own religion. These concerns were what sparked my curiosity. Learning the science came next. But if it had not been for writing from you and others like you, these sparks of reason may have been extinguished by fear, blind faith or a closed mind. I am very thankful that I have come of age during the time of the internet. With such a vast wealth of knowledge at our fingertips it’s easier to reach skeptics now than ever before. A special thanks to – my favorite resource during my conversion.

This journey hasn’t been easy – I have been condemned by in-laws and my own family who believe I am damning myself, my husband and my children. Realizing for the first time with bitter frustration how consumed in religion my country is – politically, socially. Coming to terms with the fact that the secular movement has a long hard road ahead. But I have hope for the future because of people like you. Hope for my children to live in a world where they are not persecuted for thinking for themselves and having the freedom to decide on their own what they wish to believe when they are old enough to make that choice.

I felt compelled to write after finishing "The God Delusion". It was a marvelous work that I plan to recommend to anyone who will listen. I wish you the best Mr. Dawkins. Continue to fight the good fight. And take heart that you are making a tremendous difference in the enrichment of everyday people’s lives. People who will help this movement grow, one day and one mind at a time.


Angela Adams

Michigan, USA

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