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Jan 30, 2013

Dear Professor Dawkins,

When I was young, I was taught that there was a God who loved me and
created the heavens and the earth. But I was young, and my parent's
always right, so I believed it all without question.

When I was a teenager, I learned in school how massive the universe
was and rethought perhaps God was the answer to the why and not the
how. But I was a teenager, and my teachers were always right, and I
believed it all without question.

Now I'm an adult, I have a M.S. in Computer Science, and through
intense study my mind was nurtured to the point with which I could
start to question God's true involvement in life. But then I read your
book, and through my own logical deduction formulated the theory that
In the beginning… Man created God.

Thank you for what you do. May history forever know your name as one
of the leaders of those who decided to challenge faith with science,
and put away this childish thing called religion.


p.s. I hope you enjoyed the symmetry above with my own personal
growing experience mirroring society's growing experience… at least,
in the end, we find out there are no fairies, but only the reality we
see before us that which we make ourselves.

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