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Jan 30, 2013

Dear Richard,

I now have read The God Delusion it was a great book. Also one of the reasons I'm am now atheist.

About a year ago i watched a documentary named Zeitgeist and there was a thing on it about religion i watched it and it got me to thinking i ended up becoming agnostic after i done more research then at one time i felt i needed a religion so i started researching diff rent religions and i liked Islam the best because i came to the conclusion that Christianity was just down right nasty so i converted and became a Muslim. Then One day i forgot how i found out about it but i found the god delusion online and i decided to buy it and read it. I did and while reading it i looked into Evolution which i was always taught was untrue and baseless but after reading about it i felt different. I became atheist about 6 months ago and have had thoughts that maybe god exists but then i throw those assumptions aside the reason i have those thoughts is because of my growing up in religion. Another thing is my father thinks my atheism is his fault which i have assured him it's not.

I have trouble being an atheist where I'm 16 and everyone thinks it's just a stage and also live because i live on the United States “Bible Belt” there is literally 5 church within a mile of where i live so when i mention I'm atheist i get talked down to. But i have a bracelet that says,”American Atheist” which let's people know without a word. I take it a day at a time. The reason my conscious was raised was you and i thank you dearly because my mind isn't gripped by religion.

Thank you So Much,
Joshua Collier


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