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Jan 30, 2013

Hello Richard

I guess my mail is belated seeing that i had become a “convert” of atheism for over a year now after reading your book the God Delusion. What made you book so striking and compelling was the brutal manner in which you argued against religion. i must say even though I had long given up on religion and superstition i found it hard to sleep the first night after i began reading the book. i was half expecting the bogeyman to appear and and punish me for ever trying to doubt that God existed. i'm sure many atheist have gone through that very brief flashing phase in their lives similar to what I've experienced. i call it the “cold shower” of truth. that moment when it suddenly dawns on you that nobody really is in charge. Up until that time i had found it hard to define myself and my beliefs, but reading your book put everything in perspective, and gave me the confidence to boldly identify myself as an atheist. i'm from Nigeria, and being an atheist here
means that you're in an extremely small minority. i have only met one openly atheist person here, but he happens to be Indian. I immensely enjoy the reaction i get whenever one of my religious friends introduce me as an atheist to other people, the sheer look of bewilderment and horror on their faces (for those who even understand what the word means)is priceless. Nigeria is arguably the most religious country in the world, whatever metric you chose to measure its religiosity by. it is also one of the most corrupt places on earth. That i'm sure you're aware of, and it should'nt come as a surprise to you, because of the very well established correlation between morally corrupt societies and their level of religiosity. But as much as one tries hard to ignore the influence that religion has around them you just can't help but want to do something about it, and the best way i know i can do that is by constantly educating people about science and its
ability to answer many of the questions that concern us each day. i make an effort to pass around your book to as many people as possible in the hopes that it would help them better understand what life is all about. i think your book would continue to have a tremendous impact on people long after you're gone, and i know no other better compliment than that.



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