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Jan 30, 2013

Dear Richard,

I am Kaushik, a 21-year old under-graduate student of Mathematics in Chennai(Madras), India. In one of the interviews when you were asked whether you believed people should go to “The God Delusion” instead of The Bible for morality and meaning and consolation, you half-jokingly said yes. Well, I can assure you that TGD did all that and a lot more for me. I first saw you on BBC HARDtalk a couple of years back when I was going through a very difficult period in my life and was searching for meaning, value and all that sort of rot. Every page of TGD systematically and ruthlessly shattered my most cherished and strongly held beliefs about life, the universe and my place in it. I know that there is no easy or kind way to tell someone that he has wasted his entire life on lies. Conversely, there is absolutely no easy way for someone to accept and reconcile to the fact that he has wasted his entire life on a bunch of stupid lies and more importantly that his parents and ancestors and almost everyone he has grown up admiring is a damned fool. I think this personal battle is a far more important decision that a person has to make than accepting the resulting societal isolation. Personally I have found that there are far more people who have accepted atheism at an intellectual level but are not able to reconcile to its conclusions at an emotional level than the closet atheists who do not publicize their views for fear of ostracism by their family and friends. A substantial percentage of your intended audience, the on-the-fence people have already crossed the intellectual barrier. It is the emotional part that is harder and it is my humble opinion that you have done little to address this problem. Please do. If that can be achieved the real religious nut-cases will not have so many otherwise intelligent and good people to hide behind.
Thanking you, Yours faithlessly,


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