Deconversion of a Nigerian Muslim , Converts, Tue, Jan 29 2013 #(1313)

Jan 29, 2013

Dear Richard,I was born into a moderate muslim family in Northern Nigeria, i was raised to become a very good and moderate muslim, I loved God (Allah), and always did my best to please Him and tried to be the best person to people around me. As i became older into my late teen years there was this part of religion i was never comfortable with, and that idea was HELLFIRE!!! I found it a bit sadistic and malevolent that God was going to punish my non-muslim friends for eternity despite them being good people, i realized that majority of believers follow the religion they were born into and the Nigerian case they are either christians or muslims.I started studying comparative religion on my own, i just couldnt get the christian/muslim idea that anyone who does not die in their faith is automatically condemned to eternal damnation!! It meant that at every given second more than half of humanity is going to hell…..I wondered why a good and loving God will do such a thing, but my religious mind just pushed those doubts aside and i just consoled myself with answers like: “god works in mysterious ways”, “we cannot know the mind of god” etc But my curiosity made me dig deep into religion, i read a couple of philosophy books, and also started following a number of Youtube atheists, i read more on science and i found it very enlightening and fulfilling. At this point i was a deist and sometimes agnostic.I finally started reading some solid atheist material from the likes of Bertrand Russel, Victor Stenger, Carl Sagan, Hitchens etc…and after finally reading The God Deliusion i became confident that i was an atheist and i was armed with necessary ammunition to defend my position.Though because of the country (Nigeria) i live in i have to remain in the closet, and i can only express my atheism at online forums for atheists, ibut i am glad i am finally free from the chains of superstition and religion. I realize there is far more beauty in science and reason than religion could ever offer. So once again thank you Richars Dawkins.regardsCloset Nigerian Atheist

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