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Jan 29, 2013

Hi Richard,

I was brought up as a Catholic although we only attended church during religious holidays and my upbringing wasn’t a strict one. I have never really believed in an all powerful being watching over me all of the time but i continued to have a little faith as i had no other explanation for life.

I started at University with a major in Archaeology, i fancied myself digging up enormous temples in the middle east one day. I took my first geology class and it was amazing, i had found an alternative explanation to the religious version of how the earth formed. From there i discovered and took classes in paleoanthropology and during research for an essay on Neandertals i discovered “The greatest show on earth” and from there i was hooked on Dawkins books. For the first time in my life there was an logical explanation for life.

I no longer see myself digging up temples in the middle east, i now see myself digging up our ancestors in Africa and i am so excited to see what else evolutionary biology will bring us in the future.

Thankyou Richard.

Kira Barber
Sydney, Australia

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