Ex Catholic, now student leader , Converts, Tue, Jan 29 2013 #(1581)

Jan 29, 2013

I was brought up Catholic. In high school I got crazy religious, wanted to be a priest, and began working my academic career around that. A bout with depression almost led me to kill myself twice, and needless to say the church wasn’t very helpful. I gave up Catholicism, but was still vaguely religious.

Last fall I watched Religiulous, and although it didn’t completely ‘deconvert’ me, it got my mind thinking.

Then I read watched Lawrence Krauss’s “A Universe from Nothing” from AAI 2009. It was breathtaking. Could the universe really come from absolutely nothing? And this is the kind of thing atheists like talking about? Then I found The God Delusion.

Since reading it, I have formally defected from the Catholic church and am now trying to start a student group at my community college.

So, thank you, Dr. Dawkins. You’ve changed my life.

Kevin Butler

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