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Jan 29, 2013

LOL – I feel relieved, reborn and emancipated… (a real ‘christian’ experience)! All the crap and lies finally fell away. Today after I had a friendly argument (about religion) with a friend, I was asked quite blankly / forcefully if i was an Atheist?! … I said it is better to discribe me as Agnostic, which the person did not understand and then I said YES, I’M AN ATHEIST!!!

I was brought up as a Christian (Dutch Revormed Church), never had a good grasp of all the religious aspects, the stiffling atmospheer, the yes boss – no boss attitude, and don’t ask ‘difficult’ questions… obey and you will not go to hell….

Well, 8 month’s ago I happen to watch a television program on Discovery Channel about Evolution… It did not fit my knowledge or Christian beliefs, but it had a profound impact on my conscience and I became extremely enquisitive. Offcause I have heard of Darwin and his heretic theory…. I started to do ‘research’ on Darwin’s natural selection theory which eventually lead me to Professor Richard Dawkins. After numerous articles, books by various authors and internet (TED.com) discussions, I read Dawkin’s book ‘The God Ellusion’ and everything fell into place… all the counter arguments by the established religious zealots that I was subjected to when I started my quest, was comprehensively delt with by Dawkins. It is a simple theory with simple answers if you just open your mind and think about all the relevant scientific research that has been done to date.

I thank you Professor Dawkins, for opening my eyes and my conscience… I will LIVE everyday from today as if it is my last day… I shall be an outspoken atheist and shall endevour to add my vote and voice to keep religion out of all government institutions (education, legislation, medical) and endevour to make Darwin’s theory of natural selection a compulsary subject in all education fascilities in my country South Africa, so that our children can obtain a better understanding of where we come from and our place on earth and the cosmos, without the eye and ear-patches that we in the last generation was subjected too…

Yours truly
Jaco Loots

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