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Jan 29, 2013

I’m quite new to being open about atheism, in fact I haven’t actually told my Mum and I’m not sure if I will. I was brought up in the church of Scotland, and went along with it until I was 16 as I was told to go until then. After that I only ‘had’ to go at Christmas, which seeemed a small inconvenience. I also got married in church and have christened all 4 of my children. So what am I doing here?

Well, since I was very small, I really struggled to see the difference between bible stories and the other fairy stories I was so familiar with in childhood, such as Cinderella. It was only when I started reading ‘The God Delusion’, that I realised I might actually be right about this! I am still half way through the book, and am really enjoying knowing more about why religion makes no sense, and is not necessary.

So anyway, I’m rambling on – what I wanted to say was thanks to Mr.Dawkins for putting all those ideas out there, it’s really helping me to answer the critics I come across, and to feel certain about the information I will give my children about the world.
Fiona Bullions

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