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Jan 29, 2013

Dear Richard Dawkins,

I am a 19 year old human being; that is the only way i shall identify myself. I dislike the term “atheist” as it assumes that i must be judged on the basis on what i do or do not believe which is a strange way to identify people indeed, for in the end what use is belief in place of desire for proof and therefore discovery. I was a raised in a pseudo-Methodist school but was never a true believer.

It deeply worries and upsets me that irrational devotion to dogmas still pervades so many sectors of civil life in the UK and it is even more so when one considers the world as a whole. By that of course i mean individuals in positions of power often seemingly by default identify themselves by faith including senior politicians, charity leaders, trade unions, business leaders and so on as so forth as if a blind adherence to a faith is a trusted symbol to the public of good character and morality. It also worries me that science and reasoned argument should be restrained from shattering these illusions on the basis of sensitivity and tolerance towards others not because these are not good virtues but because ignorance, regression and scientific apathy are not worthy of respect nor preservation.

You are an extremely brave man speak out so frankly against illogical and unreasonable views but i am extremely sad that you have to be so. Sometimes i imagine that you must feel strangely alienated and alone in some parts of the world you visit where religion and aversion to progression is strong. I would just like you to know that even though there are many who do not wish to hear you and demonise you out of fear, there are many that embrace you ideas and are wholly glad for your diligence in the academic and scientific fields. You work and the work of others like you has reinvigorated the world of philosophy, politics, epistemology and views on existence and morality more than any religion has done in ten thousand years.

If you ever fancy a trip up to North Wales i am sure you would be most welcome to speak at Venue Cymru or at Bangor University as there are a great many people who would enjoy hearing you speak and i am tired of having to debate with John Mackay every year. If not then i shall keep my ear to the ground for when you shall be speaking near Lancaster as i shall begin my BA in Philosophy and Politics, which i was partly inspired to do by your work.

Thank you for giving me a source of reason, inspiration and enlightenment.
All though i know you can’t be completely correct otherwise you would be a god not a scientist (we both know which is better)

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