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Jan 29, 2013

Dear Mr Dawkins,

I have just read your book ‘The God Delusion with great interest. I am afraid I do not agree with all of the points, but found it refreshing to see another viewpoint.

I became a Christian at twenty-two years old. I am now nearly forty. Part of me has loved this faith and I still do, but another part of me has loathed it. The main reason for my detest is that o have been forced to give up on marriage and children, because the faith dictates that Christians ought not marry outside of faith and unfortunately, because of the high number of Christian converts who are female as opposed to those that are men it means some of us have to make great sacrifices for God.

I don’t need to tell you how difficult this has been. I am currently on a waiting list for cognitive behavioral therapy as my doctor has decided I have low self esteem. While many Christians have been kind, others do not seen to have understood how hard this has been for me, insisting instead that sacrifices mist be made for God since suffering and sacrifice is a part if this. They told me to hang onto God and trust him, so I did to the point where I am now maybe too old to have children and I feel that he has done little more for me than plough a JCB through my life.

This year I have been going to church less and reading onto the things I ought not (or maybe ought) a bit more. I have been reading into Buddhism and found it a fine faith that has been helpful for me. I am impressed that it is a faith that allows people to question and also seems to want their happiness rather than their suffering. I am also reading into psychology which has helped me see things more clearly. The real crunch came for me I think when I was reading creationist websites that insist that you can’t be a proper Christian unless you accept creation. I don’t. I don’t think I ever did even when I was going along to the meetings with my friends. I sensed something wrong here. These people are trying to frighten people into going along with this with threats of Hell and that can’t be right. A few searches on relevant pages on the internet proved to me that creation science isn’t just rubbish, it is making Christians look very stupid. The science world isn’t really against God as creation science insists. In fact, if His were proven science would be very interested. Creation science is in fact deceiving the public, which the church should not be doing at all.

After almost eighteen years as a Christian. I feel I must try to find who I am again and what I believe, since I have spent much of that time either being forced into the Christian box or trying to escape it.
I hope to learn a little more about science from this site, as I think
I need to…


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