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Jan 29, 2013

Having been brought up, chapter and verse, in the Dutch reformed church of
the journey to being a ‘born again atheist’ was not without some serious reflection. The deeper set the theology the harder the journey out.
The delusion is now so obvious, its laughable one ever contemplated it …but ..when I was a child I thought etc.

It does form your way of thinking even if it doesn’t your final thoughts.
Scientific knowledge does not always fill the gaps, music, art theatre all are part of the full spectrum of what makes us the Human animal we are.
If the Gods of the culture fade away, the evidence of expressing that god remain and so be it. And the intrinsic beauty of it must not be denied

I myself have the written “the gospels of saint A Pocryphal” on my Franciscus Henri web site in much perhaps, the way the first gospels were written, though I doubt mine will lead to the mayhem of a religion.

As for GOD, the delusion is at times as harmless as it is harmful.
‘GOD’ is perhaps valid only in the sense that it is an invitation to partake in the deeply imagined, It is not a monopoly on this
though sadly ,often it seems that way.

It is sometimes for the heart to speak……but speak it must….
We travel the enigma of our lives being a contradiction to our death.
We have no choice but to travel on.
Go in peace (when it is possible)

Franciscus Henri
Franciscus Henri Productions Pty. Ltd

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