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Jan 29, 2013

Having been raised in what I will describe as a fringe Protestant cult, and having brought up my own family in the same belief system I am now, very happily, free of religious dogma and belief. Professor Dawkins’ book The God Delusion was certainly instrumental in my journey from strong belief to where I am now. The superstitions I absorbed as a child were fairly easily dealt with in the light of rational and scientific argument. Harder to shift were the dogmatic creationist ideas arguing for the uselessnes of say, half an eye, if evolution were true. Some residual ideas can lodge quite firmly in the mind even when the overarching belief system has been discredited. TGD dealt with these ideas so clearly, logically and simply that it was not just a pleasure to read but it was a lesson in how confused one’s thinking can get when steeped in religious and superstitious ideas.

I am very grateful to the likes of Professor Dawkins for the logic, clarity and simplicity of his arguments. It is a real pleasure to be free of the fear-based, esoteric confusions that were the hallmark of the brand of religion that I was exposed to. Thankyou, Professor Dawkins.

Jeannie Clarke

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