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Jan 29, 2013

Whilst it would be incorrect to say that it was The God Delusion that converted me, it is fair to say that it pushed me over the edge.

Having been brought up a catholic (the most virulent form of christianity!) I always imagined I had a firm belief in god, (if not evolution but then, being a catholic, I knew I was going to hell anyway). I decided to purchase and read a bible. From start to finish. I got as far as the ark and was somewhat disturnbed to note that the ark in this, modern, bible was built in metres. Hmmmm…..I thought the ark was 300 cubits long and 50 wide. Indeed, I remember singing a song all about it at school (All girls, covent!). I do not remember singing 300 metres. It made me think that if they can change that, what else can they change? And so the seed was sown.

As I will read pretty much anything (including the ingredients on a shampoo bottle whilst taking a pee) the next step was to read about atheism. Enter Richard Dawkins. It took him and Christopher Hitchens to fully convince me and even now, I am not so much an atheist as an anti-theist. I loathe all forms of religion (except the devout worship of Ceiling Cat!) but I save a special hatred for christianity and its holier than thou, superior attitude to everyone else. Whilst this hate may pass, the contempt will not.

Happy Atheism!

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