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Jan 29, 2013

Professor Dawkins,

I am a 14 years old living in Canada. I sympathize with the many
people who have posted their stories on Converts’ Corner and in many
ways my story is very similar. These stories are long, so I won’t bore
you with the details. I first found you on the internet last year when
I was trying to find some means of support for my Christian beliefs.
Without a doubt, you were the one who helped me shed these beliefs. It
is hard to describe the feeling one gets when the weight of religion
is lifted. My life is no longer governed by the fear of eternal
damnation, for one thing. I have not been keeping my new atheism a
secret and for this reason I have lost many friends, and even some
members of my family dare not speak to me. This perhaps, should bother
me, but I see it as a small price I must pay in the name of truth.

I have read everything of yours that I can get my hands on, although I
still have many books to go. My favorites by far are Climbing Mount
Improbable and The Greatest Show On Earth. I am delighted to find that
I can understand the things presented in your books with little to no
trouble, and this certainly has much to do with your clarity and
passion. Indeed, you deep passion has inspired me to pursue a career
in science.

I hope some day, on one of your book tours, I shall have the honour to
meet you in person, and have you sign my copy of your book.

My deepest thanks,

Andie L.

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