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Jan 29, 2013

I’ll keep this short as no-one wants to read a long narcissistic letter about how delusional I was before I got my act together.

That would be no better than the ‘testimonies’ I used to listen to as a Christian about how depraved people would say they were before Jesus got their act together for them. The more sinful you could make yourself out to have been the better the story. It seems that the reasoning was such that the more successful you could make the Devil out to have been, the more successful God’s redemption is in light of the Evil-One. But that’s beside the point. No need to glorify the effectiveness of the Evil-One (person-controlling-religion) here.

Mr Dawkins,

Your work has been revolutionary for me.

I am a graduate of the conservative Faith Mission Bible College (Edinburgh) and BA Theology graduate of Nazarene Theological College, (Manchester) who once was destined to ‘preach Christ crucified’ and now find myself choosing to preach Life livified.

Upon graduating I was doing what my theological heroes (Paul Tillich & Albert Schweitzer) have done. I was looking to find ways to re-interpret ‘God’ in a liberal & increasingly non-supernatural manner in order that I did not have to sever with my Christian identity to which I had not only spiritually but also academically committed myself.

However…in 2008 your book ‘The God Delusion’ forced me to sever this tie as I did not want to be involved in the foggying up of naturalistic and rational thought such as that presented in ‘The God Delusion’…this natural light of existential rationale far surpasses the synthetic light of Jesus and after reading your clear (and concise) work on the God-hypothesis I did not want to let any synthetic God-clouds get in the way.

Also requiring a mention is ‘The Greatest Show on Earth’ which has given me the greatest appreciation for life as we now experience it. The consciousness-raising effect of this book far surpasses my quite-enjoyable emotion formerly surrounding the God-hypothesis.

It’s not all praise I bring you though. The one thing I will hold you responsible for screwing up is the fact that I am now a trained Christian minister with no Christianity to teach. 😉 (Had I previously known what I now know I would most likely have studied Physics.)

Your work has been effective.

I await you children’s book for my kids with a sense of heightened anticipation.

Ray Dowling (wolfhoundGrowl)
Shankill, Belfast.

P.S. When I was a Christian I used to think that you must be a sad, lonely, empty man. I prayed for your redemption. Now, in a way, I’m thanking you for your part in mine. Amusing.

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