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Jan 29, 2013,

Apologies, I have no idea who to address this too. First, here’s a little bit for converts corner to save me sending two emails (cc’d in)

“As a child brought up in an Irish-Italian (so more than a little bit Roman Catholic!) family, religion was always pretty much assumed to be the truth. The only time I ever really questioned anything was when I was 6 years old, and I remember asking my teacher then unanswerable question of what God was doing before he made everything. In my 6 year old head, he hadn’t invented clouds so had nothing to sit on, therefore I asked if he was just ‘falling through the sky’. I went to a pretty liberal set of catholic schools, where we were taught evolution in science and the gospel of Mark in R.E so I never really thought about whether the big fella up there actually was so after this point.

So here I am at university and my father begins to declare that he is no longer a Catholic, and he has found the truth. He has become a, if you will, born again atheist! Urging me to read the God Delusion he told me that someone ‘of my smarts’ should be enlightened too.

Just less than 6 months later, here I am, looking at expensive train tickets down to London to protest the Pope on 18th September. I cannot begin to express the weight I feel has been lifted off my shoulders.

Thank you.

Oh, and the God Delusion (now tatty!) has been passed around the family. Apologies for not buying extra copies!”

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