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Jan 29, 2013

Hi Richard,

I’d like to let you and all other readers of www.richarddawkins.net about my “deconversion.”

I was born and raised into the Catholic faith, but am now a young adult and have left the church. Lately I have taken a more “scientific” view of the world and wished to soak up knowledge that my previous faith deemed filth, trash etc. such as anything about Darwin and so forth. I grew tired of this short-sighted view and preference for ignorance.

It has been quite a while now that I have espoused my new beliefs of secularism and free thought, and until I discovered your book “The God Delusion” I felt as if I had no one on my side. Especially now after joining your website, I know I was wrong in that thought and am now thankful to no end.

I disagree greatly not only with the church’s happiness with ignorance but also with the preferential treatment given to child molesters, and also about treatment given to homosexuals. From this day forth I vow to always go my own way and never stop learning. Thank you to you and all of your colleagues for your deep thoughts, your wisdom, and your support.

Mike Stone

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