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Jan 29, 2013


My name is Tiago Bruno. I am from Brazil. I have been 22 years old. I am Studying biology, on Federal University of Minas Gerais. My dad is a physical, but only professor of high school. And, when I was a child he always told me about universe, and atoms, him has a telescope and showed to me the planets and stars, and very nice things about science. I grow up, and lovely with science, I decide to study biology. Because my relation with science, I always doubt of religion, I knew that religion never had argument and evidence about the things that spoke. In the other hand, science always made experiments and proves with real tests the questions about the world. These ideas troubled my mom, and dad (who believed in church, [yes my dad, physical]). Sometimes caused fights. For me, it was very difficult, exchange ideas with other people about this. People, even very big “friends”, reversed back to what they felt for me just to hear me talking about evolution and origin of species, showing that God does not exist. While reading Richard Dawkins, I created a lot of courage and confidence to defend the arguments and evidence of evolution. You could say I left the closet. I am also discovering other authors such as Sam Harris, and I hope to know more about this subject. I hope that someday, mankind left side of his superstition, and belief in an imaginary friend. When only the real science there, the cycle of hatred between many nations, and among small social groups created based on no evidence, will be broken. Humanity can finally be proud of its kind, and relate to other species with respect and equality.

Richard Dawkins certainly for his work and reading books with interesting, pleasant, intelligent criticism, I recognize as someone who does want to reach and overcome. One of my two references. The other is Charles Darwin.

Sorry for the bad english. I Hope i have been at least understandable. For now, i am reading 4 books of Richard Dawkins, God Delusion, The selfish Gene, The Ancestor’s Tale: A Pilgrimage to the Dawn of Life, The Greates Show on Earth: The Evidence for Evolution.
I hope read all. And read and also hope to read other authors.

Thank you.

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