Godless mom strikes a chord with parents


Deborah Mitchell remembers the time, when her boys were younger, and another mom asked her about her religious beliefs.

Mitchell was raised Catholic but moved away from religion in her early 20s. She told the other mother that she didn’t go to church and didn’t even really believe in God.

Then, she says, the recruiting started.

“She used to call my house and tell me she was praying for me. She’d leave me messages and leave cards in my mailbox with scripture,” Mitchell says. “I do realize that she meant well, but at the same time, I know my views were seen as wrong. I needed to be ‘saved.’”

Mitchell, a mother of two teenagers in Texas who feels “immersed in Christianity,” started a blog about raising her children without religionbecause she felt frustrated and marginalized. She didn’t want to feel so alone, she says.

This week, she gained a whole new audience and the reassurance that she’s not alone. Her essay on CNN iReport, “Why I Raise My Children Without God,” drew 650,000 page views, the second highest for an iReport, and the most comments of any submission on the citizen journalism platform.

Mitchell posted the essay detailing her seven reasons for raising her children without God on CNN iReport because she felt there wasn’t anyone else speaking for women or moms like her. As she sees it, children should learn to do the right things because they will feel better about themselves, not because God is watching. She asks questions like: If there was a good, all-knowing, all-powerful God, why would he allow murders, child abuse and torture?

Lots of people disagreed with her. Tons. They flagged her iReport as inappropriate and criticized CNN for linking to her essay on the CNN.com homepage. But there were plenty of others who wrote thoughtful rebuttals, respectfully disagreeing with Mitchell while not foisting their own beliefs on her. Take, for instance, a Methodist dad, who said faith can be hard to nail down, but “not to avail ourselves of the power of something we don’t completely understand is silly.”

Written By: Daphne Sashin
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  1. This is yet another demonstration of the lack of civilisation that religionists suffer from.
    They don’t believe in free speech when it covers belief in Goddo!
    I just heard on BBC world service that there is controversy within Danish Christian society about pastors who are sceptics with respect to belief in God.
    Apparently religion is going down the toilet in Denmark.
    Maybe this site should have a look?

  2. I don’t think this kind of paltry nonsense should be posted here. This is gossip column stuff.

  3. In reply to #3 by Stafford Gordon:

    I don’t think this kind of paltry nonsense should be posted here. This is gossip column stuff.

    What- brave people are doing the kinds of things we hope they would do in the belly of the beast and it’s paltry nonsense?

  4. “We believe in the truths of holy books that are so stupid and so fabricated, that a child can, and all children do, as you can tell by their questions, actually see through them.” – Christopher Hitchens.

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