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Jan 29, 2013

Dear Proffesor Dawkins,

I’m sure that you must get a ton of letters that you don’t get the time to read but in case you do find the time to glance at this I just wanted to say a huge thank you to you.

It has been so comforting for me to read The God Delusion. I was brought up in a loosely religious background, nothing too hardcore, but still made to believe that the Christian lifestyle is the right way to live. I don’t remember ever believing the biblical stories and I have my whole life been pondering how different the world would be without religion. I remember being deeply shocked at school when my Evangelical Christian classmate told me that it didn’t matter how much I helped people or the environment, the fact that I denied God and Jesus meant I was destined to burn for eternity in Hell. I like to think that I can do good things and live a good life because I want to and because I’m a good person, not because I have a fear of God and I’m looking for a shortcut to heaven! Thanks to your book I can now explain my thinking more reasonably to myself and others who ask why I don’t believe in God.

Before I always called myself an atheist somewhat hesitantly. Now I declare it proudly!

Thanks a million,

Your sincerely

Sarah Davies

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