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Jan 29, 2013

Dear Richard,

There are very few people of whom I can say that they changed my life and you happened to be one of them. I have never been religious in terms of believing in talking snakes and going to church every Sunday and people around me rarely show their affiliation with any faith so to me religion was never something worth thinking about. I just didn’t care. Much like I didn’t care about science, taking it for granted that science will eventually be able to explain all the wonderful and mysterious things in this universe. I guess I’m not different from most modern people who are too busy with their everyday lives and who take so many things for granted these days.

And then I read “The god delusion” and everything changed. In one part of the book you talk about consciousness raising and what a consciousness raiser this book was! Two things happened to me as I was reading. First, after thinking and and researching the matter on my own I understood what a dangerous thing religion really is and how much evil it has caused and still causing. From a person indifferent to religion I became anti-religious, or perhaps pro-secular will be a better word. Suddenly it wasn’t just a harmless ancient superstition some people do for their inner comfort and which I have nothing to do with, but a threat to way of life, progress and freedom. I started to notice priests and muslim clerics preaching on TV, politics attending religious events, religion being taught in schools and addressed in legislation. I am not okay with this anymore.

But the second thing that happened is truly amazing. For the first time in my life I really understood the beauty and power of science. How it got us here, to the world where man has walked on the Moon, split an atom and grasped the inner workings of the universe. And thinking where science will get us from here is awe-inspiring.

I’m posting this letter to the section on your site called “Converts’ corner” and indeed I am a convert. Not a convert from religion, but a convert to reason. Religious people may say that there is one book that changed their life, meaning Bible or Koran. And now I can say that there is a book that
changed my life and it is “The god delusion”. I can never thank you enough for it, thank you for opening my mind!

Murmansk, Russia

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