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Jan 29, 2013

dear mr dawkins…..mail readers…because i know he doesn’t read all the letters sent to him personally

Ok i will now continue as if i believe i was writing to the man himself….lol
wow thanks..

i find your writings/presentations inspiring
i was introduced to your works by reading the god delusion on the internet and later bought the paper back and also the dawkins delusion to accompany it, to which i found both enthrawling, though for very obvious different reasons,
since then i have glimpsed upon others of your books/documentories and i have never read, seen or heard you be anything other than courteous/meticulous in the extreme when presenting your points of view to which you obviously have great conviction and to my mind rightly so even though i have to declare at this point that i am one of a dying breed of semi-idiots who still holds true to my own polytheistic beliefs..
.i would like to explain myself. i don’t believe in A god or many.. one or some devine creator/s sitting on high and passing judgement over humanity… created by man to serve the VERY FEW of their own purposes..
i am in fact totally an evolutionist as i believe that i have at least a rudimentory grasp of the forces of nature at work as first described by old Darwin back in the 19th century and later clarified to the point where i stand aghast/flaberghasted by your insight and ability to pass this knowledge to the masses and which seem to me to be backed up in general by reasonably simple scientific discoveries …

i am very much in favour of the foam theory of the megaverse believing that this universe is one of an infinite amount of others set adrift in a sea of its equals..all this knowledge though does seem to fall short of satisfying me (an important point that you have mentioned many times when trying to reason logical points along the road to discovery of hows and whys etc) when i look inside my heart and disect what i believe to be the real me…….
believing myself to be fairly rational and not in anyway religious i still believe in a spiritual me that resides within my corporeal existance much to the changrination (if that is a real word..i trust you will know what i mean) of my wife who is a total athiest…

i find myself being drawn to a Liptonian view of life (i am sure you are aware of Bruce Lipton and his ‘biology of belief’) where the cells of your body respond to signals they pick up from their percieved environment and then he goes on to say that if we changed receptors on our cells well we could be someone else..ok he gets a bit flaky round about this point..but i am going along with him..for now.. when he furthers this point by suggesting that the signals from which our bodies recieve information come from outside our bodies…there we have it in a nutshell …evolution with a guiding hand a way whereby spiritual intelligence grew alongside evolutionary development ,…a slightly twisted view of polytheism…or polyforcism is maybe a better word for it.. albeit one that i just made up.. putting into the arena a concept that as marvelous and mysterious as life itself of which i am hopefull that we will one day be able to mix Millers amino acids and Watson and Cricks DNA in a test tube and start life… this will only further the idea that spirit is created in the same way.. analogicalistically (at least this one should be a word… i couldn’t find it in the dictionary though) to that of magnetism being created by a coil of wire passing a current around a piece of soft iron.

i can only back this FEELING up by saying that i believe life is just much weirder than the purely scientific,,science tells me that the universe is 13.7 000 000 000 years old and the world 4.5 of the same and we came about by a gradual process of tiny changes, i get that and have no quarrel…terrance mckenna tells me that we got here by eating mushrooms from outer space, mushrooms are great and give you a fantastic insight… but neither of these things tell me how i know my son, who is nine years old, is ill when i am at work and he is at home/school or why a fireman would be willing to die to save people he doesn’t even know..

i guess it must have been Freud that said it is my ego that doesn’t allow me to imagine myself dead but this is what all this talk is ultimately leading to..and it’s true i can’t.. even to the point where i carry an image of the reaper in order to hoodwink him before he cuts my cord and a lock of my kids hair with me in the hope of finding them in the next world …bloody pagans hey?
your friend

ps: i do like a good laugh too though and so thanks for posting some of the uglier letters you recieve, they are great

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