Good, Tue, Jan 29 2013 #(1430)

Jan 29, 2013

Good…I hope!

First of all, thank you to Richard for his marvellously stimulating and entertaining books. The first of his books that I read was The God Delusion, which I’ve read another twice since. I’ve since bought The Greatest Show on Earth, plus The Selfish Gene (the latter of which is incredibly interesting but somehow a struggle to get my head around!).

On the subject of religion. I wasn’t converted by The God Delusion: it was always something that made perfect sense to me to just not get involved in all things religious. I like Buddhism as a sort of system of self-management, but do not get on with any ‘churchy’ practises that sometimes come with it. No thanks. I consider Judaism deluded and racist and Islam as plain violent beligerance. No, my personal approach has always been something that I can only find the name of ‘Humanist’ for: people matter, people and only people. Could I offer an example of that? Good, thanks: my wife is a person of the Catholic faith (she puts up with me!) and, recently, we were watching some disaster film or other (it might even have been a news article) and she (my wife) said ‘That’s when people need religion.’ I could only reply, ‘No – that’s when people need other people.’ But, back to my original point, what T.G.D. did for me was to put out some of the things that I’d felt – but somehow been unable to articulate – out in front of me. I had that ‘Wow, I’m not the only one!’ People need people.

Lastly, thanks to all the other contributors to this site (good, bad or ugly) for their interesting and (at one end of the scale) barking mad pieces. I love some of the ones in The Ugly!



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