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Jan 29, 2013

Richard or To Whom It May Concern:

Unfortunately I can’t site you as the source of my conversion. Twas none other than George Carlin whose book I read when I was in the sixth grade. Growing up in Houston my parents were religious yet liberal as they were both public school teachers and they allowed me to read the relatively foul literature that is *Brain Droppings* by George Carlin in 5th grade. It was this one short paragraph that planted the seed of doubt that can be found on you here. In the video he equates belief in angels to belief in goblins and mummies etc. It immediately made sense to me as I recall in early elementary school wondering (among a myriad of other logical fallacies and claims lacking evidence) who Cain mated with in the “Land of Nod” when the population of Earth was 3. I even jokingly said to my 4th grade Sunday school class “It was probably a monkey.”

Anyway after hearing George Carlin utter the obvious, my father (a junior high science teacher) talked to me about Carl Sagan. I read Cosmos and the rest was history. I regrettably missed your lecture with Mr. Hitchens at Rice University on October 10th. This was due strictly to ignorance. I am a huge fan, a convert, and your words give me comfort, inspiration, and courage. I also like the videos on youtube where you read your hate mail haha. Thanks for your time.

Owen Ballard.

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