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Jan 29, 2013

Hi I’m Sean and i’m an Ex-mormon,

Mormonism was my life. It gave me happiness. In 2007 I went to Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah, where the intellectual mormons are expected to go (or “morons” who know how to get good grades). In 2008-2010 I served a mormon mission in the heart of the Peruvian Amazon, South America which was ‘exciting’ (I had a monkey). I baptized around a hundred people to Mormonism, and returned for another semester of BYU. I believed in God and Jesus more than anything. I prayed, I kept all the mormon commandments, and read my bible and book of mormon, was an eagle scout, paid tithing, went to church, yet there was something missing. God never told me it was true. I asked, and I asked again, but I couldn’t tell myself (and I wanted to) that I had received “revelation”. So *that* was it. I became atheist; Happiest day of my life.

The fact is, happiness is what you make of it. Santa Claus makes kids happy and keeps them in line and so does religion. But they’re both lies. Knowing that I need to live my life to the fullest now because I’m not going to heaven is the greatest feeling I could ever have. But now I live with the regret of lying to all those Peruvians… and their offspring. Religion’s my only regret because it really does do what Christopher Hitchins suggests: It poisons EVERYTHING! It’s like a drug that makes you feel like something’s so real but it’s all in your head. Then there’s the story of my family.

I was forced out of my house because my parents continued to try and force their mormon rules on me. One night I was upstairs eavesdropping on my parents’ conversation. My mother asked my father,“What if *he* leads a decent illustrious life?” and his response, “The Stake President (local mormon leader) said that something unfortunate will probably happen in his life as a consequence of his decisions, and THAT will lead him to come back [to mormonism].” W.T.F!!! That was only a few months ago and I suppose they’re still waiting for my evil consequences to humble me down to the dust. They talked about a lot of other personal things which pissed me off, but I forgive them, they’re in a cult. Subsequently I moved out that week.

I transferred to Oregon State University this year 2011, and I’m the happiest Atheist I know, although I only know a couple. The problem of religion and especially mormonism (because it’s cult-like see this link or type in ‘secret temple ceremony’ on youtube) is that you’re raised contributing everything that’s “good” to the LDS/mormon church and “GOD” that there’s rarely another alternative. The basis of the entire religion is faith and obedience which are TERRIBLE reasons to believe anything, yet are seemingly logical reasons for the human mind. It hopelessly sticks with children as does anything. It did with me for too long. I’m preparing some type of atheist advertising (not door knocking, that’s for assholes…. cough* L) but some way to repay my huge debt to the world.

I knew I didn’t believe in “god’ but not until I started watching TED and youtube videos of Dawkins and Hitchens did I feel more inspired to do what I want to do. I *finally*will call myself a MILITANT ATHEIST. PROUD PASTAFARIAN. ANTI-THEIST. Thanks to New Atheists like Dawkins, Hitchens, Hirsi Ali, and Harris, (and more) who’ve inspired me to help make our world a place of Reason and Science.

Sean Layton

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