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Jan 29, 2013

Dear Richard Dawkins,

I am a twenty one year old veterinary technician living in Ontario Canada. I was raised a Catholic my whole life and was even an altar server for many years. I enjoyed altar serving very much and was a strong believer for many many years. I am quite embarassed to have bought into religion for as long as I did, especially since I’ve always been and will be a huge biology lover and learner. It was not until grade 9 that I started hearing and asking questions that really made my faith waver. My grade 11 social studies teacher led the way to my epiphany which turned me into an atheist, I will never be able to thank him enough for that. My teacher showed my class the documentary “Jesus Camp” which terrified me by how brainwashed the people and children were with their religion. Along with that documentary I was completing homework and began answering a question on how much more good science has accomplished for mankind, and how much violence, hate and death have been the cause of religion while it hides beneath a peaceful and loving facade. Looking back at my school past I am absoluetly appauled by the fact that evolution was never once mentioned in any class at any point of my elementary or secondary school education. All I learned on evolution as a child was from my own books, as well as watching my beloved nature documentaries. I can remember as a young child seeing a picture of archaeopteryx which caused me to stop and think, however my parents couldn’t offer any answers since my mom is a firm believer. I have been a proud atheist for about 5 years now and am not looking back. I cannot thank you enough for your books, lectures, and documentaries. My fiancee and I have watched and read them all and try to pass them onto friends and family. I love the fact that I can understand and appreciate the beautiful, intricate yet harsh truth of evolution. A truth that is far more beautiful than anything religion invents.



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