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Jan 29, 2013

to richard dawkins,

let me remind you that we are fighting the most noble war in history, knowing that there is certainly no meaning to our lives anymore to live in a world of blind ignorance and intolerance and untruthfullness, so please richard we need to act fast
you owe it to your cause to contact someone as me, i absolutely historically and biologically understand why it’s unimaginable to belive in a fucked-up god. i am expieriencing something i have never expierienced before in my life: ‘thinkig’
my problem is: i couldnt’ sleep for 3 days while my brain is literally evolving and understanding everything that has happened in history. i need training and freedom of expression to let all my literature out to the world and to be declared as an
‘infidel’ by the ignorent societies and to expierience the power of knowlege and critical thinking and getting laid. America for me means freedom science and the future of mankind, because it looks to me like europe is going to be pilaged by a religion
of terror sometime in the future, and it will be up to america to defend the honour of freedom and fight the biggest political fight against christian republican fundamentalists then the fight against the dark religion of suicide bombers.
so i urge you to contact me very soon and tell me what to do and how i should come to you and express my true feelings and philosophies in this wonderful life that we might be having. I want to study statistics, not miracles, theology not arrogance
philosophy, not ignorance, freedom, not enslavemet, orgys, not beekeepersuits, acceptance, not predjudice!!!!!!!

I rest my case, I’m a hundred percent evolved athiest, i’m sure that you have some sort of measurmeant of language and expression in which you determine the level of athiesm that a person is, i assure you that i’m a 100% athiest, loathing my family and
closed ones for fighting me, telling me what i should do or think based on a worthless book written by a time where people were more ignorant that they are today.

So please rescue me from this nonsence and boredom that i’m in

Mohamed Daader cairo, egypt sceptic – agnostic – athiest – aggressive athiest – genious

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